About Us

Woof and hello from the @Winnythecorgi team,

Winny is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi living in East London and a little bit of an Instagram star (@winnythecorgi). He's famed for his impecable style, a keen interest in puns and a world class derp face. Winny is also part of The Kennel Club's Famous Dogs of Instagram doing meet and greets at Crufts and has even been featured on BBC News. Luckily the fame hasn't gone to his head! All photos are taken by www.racheloatespetphotography.com (get in touch if you want pictures of your pooch or for your pet brand)

In the UK, Corgis are still pretty rare. Last year the puppy levels dipped so low that they became nearly endangered but we have our fingers and paws crossed that they will continue their comeback! From the interest we have had from Winny's Instagram page coupled with our goal of promoting the breed we thought this would be a great opportunity to get a Corgi in every household... even if it's just in card form for now!

Are you organising a party? How about the "You're Corgially Invited" card.

Want to make someone feel special? Send them an "I Woof You"

And if you just want to keep a card to hang on your wall, you deserve it, we think they look pretty great. There's a Winny card for every situation and more seasonal cards will be available soon. 

We promise Winny does not have anything to do with the packaging and postage, we had him on label duty but his handwritting was terrible. You'll be glad to know he does review and approve every design.

Please feel free to get in contact or if you are interested in becoming a stockist we'd love to hear from you.

Email - racheloates@me.com

Also if you post a photo on social media of your new Winny cards we want to see them so use the hashtag #WithLoveFromWinny and tag him in and we'll share our favourites on his Instagram!